Meet the Mizzou Man-Eater Defense

Mizzou’s defense has taken on a whole new face this year in light of their new coach, Keith Euker.  Coach Euker has installed a defense that lives for grinding it out and sliding hard.  Just looking at the starting defensive line is a bone-chilling experience.  The intimidating line of #32 Eric Chole (6’1”/250), #24 Terry Smith (6’3”/225), and #8 Clayton Cruthirds (6’5”/210) is a force to be reckoned with.  To complete the defensive unit, the line is strengthened by hard-hitting/ground-ball machines in long stick midfielders Josh Nelson (#33) and Chris Heim (#1), rounded out by a solid defensive midfield line.  The defense has only allowed one opponent to score more than 10 goals all season.  They are looking forward to conference play in which they plan on staying hungry.