Thundercats Ho!

The 2022 Show-Me State Games will be held in Columbia, MO on June 11th. Costs are TBD based on the number of players we have but expect roughly $65-$75 per player. This includes your team tournament cost and Thundercats shooter shirt. Once registered you will receive an email with more details regarding the shirts and payment.

Individual player waivers: Must be signed and returned at the fields at player check-in. Forms can be found here: Click Here

Bracket: Will be posted online closer to the tournament date at Show-Me State Games.

Field Location: 3350 E Gans Rd, Columbia, MO 65201

Game Format:

  • Games will begin as early as 9:00am on Saturday and will continue all day until  finished.
  • For all teams: Time will be a running clock and only stop for injuries and time-outs.
  • Teams will be allowed 1 timeout per half. Timeouts will not carry over to overtime. Teams will be allowed one timeout in overtime.
  • Competitor’s age is determined by their age at the tournament date.
  • Team uniforms should be the same color with numbers on back.
  • A player can play on only one team during the tournament.
  • Personal and Technical Fouls will be assessed during game play.
  • Playing times are as follows: 20 minute halves, 4 minute sudden-victory overtime, 4 minute half time