This will be a new site to put alumni pictures, articles, brochures etc. Alumni with pics or information to publish here can send to Eddie Hedrick at hedrick.eddie@yahoo.com.
1988 Program

This Site has been added to honor those who have played or have been a part of Missouri Lacrosse over the years.  I am new to this but have been interested in developing an alumni site for many years.  I need your help with ideas for inclusion as well as remembering players, coaches, managers etc.  I have a ton of pictures, articles, posters, rosters etc. but need more especially from those who played back in the 1980’s and early 1990’s.  I plan on putting up pictures of all of the past coaches, players, team photos, fun stuff and anything that would make the page more interesting but I need your help. Keep coming back to the site as I will update it often! Let me know your thoughts; hedrick.eddie@yahoo.com.


Throughout the Years

The Beginning




Great hits!

Do you remember? (Most of these great action photos are from our own Karen Mitchell)