2010 Playoffs update

The GRLC playoffs will be at O’Fallon Township High School in Illinois.  The GRLC Championships are two concurrently running 6-team tournaments for Divisions 1 and 2.  Playoffs begin Friday April 30 and run through Sunday May 2. Friday’s game times are subject to change due to conflicts with league games around the conference.

At this time MU is still scheduled to play Kansas Friday night at 8 p.m. Stankowski Field.

In Division 1, there are two subdivisions.  Subdivision 1A will send four teams to the playoffs and those teams will be given the top four seeds to the tournament.  The teams in subdivision 1A are Mizzou, Illinois State, Illinois, Wisconsin, Lindenwood, Purdue, and Indiana.  Subdivision 1AA will send two teams and they will be given the fifth and sixth seeds in the tournament.  Subdivision 1AA is made up of Kansas, Kansas State, Arkansas, Memphis, Iowa, and Nebraska.

#1 and #2 seeds will have a bye on Friday.
#4 plays #5,  with the winner playing the #1 seed on Saturday.
#3 plays #6 with the winner playing the #2 seed on Saturday.
Head-to-head results followed by goal-differential are the two main tie breakers.