Another Alumni Weekend in the books!

COLUMBIA, MO – Mizzou Lacrosse celebrated its Alumni Tailgate/game this past weekend. It’s always great to celebrate the over 40 year history of this lacrosse program as players from across all generations came out to attend. While it was a rainy weekend the whole way through, it was an amazing weekend nonetheless. The tailgate before the South Carolina vs. Mizzou Football game on Saturday experienced its own rain issues but some chick-fil-a catering made it a little easier to bare. Come Alumni game Sunday morning it rained from start to finish again. Through it all the young guys took the alumni down in short time 9-4 making it 4 years straight of young gun victory in the showdown.

Mizzou continues its fall schedule next weekend in St. Louis as they travel to Wash U. to take on the Bears and Iowa State in a round robin tournament.