5 minutes with Senior Captain Cory Kaufman

The following is a 5-minute interview with Senior Captain Cory Kaufman.

Q:  First off, as a senior captain, what are your expectations/goals going into this season?

Cory: With this talent, I want to go further than any year since I have been here, which means winning the GRLC and going to nationals in Denver.

Q:  The Tigers will be doing a lot of traveling this year, what are your thoughts on traveling up to Ann Arbor to play the No.1-ranked Michigan Wolverines?

Cory: What better way to test your skill than against the best team in the nation?

Q:  Is there a game on the schedule that is the most meaningful to you?

Cory: There are four that are on top for me: Michigan, Lindenwood, Kansas and Missouri State. Those four games mean the world to me, especially in my final season as a player.

Q:  Being a senior, what part of the season do you most look forward to?

Cory: The four games above and my last chance to win the GRLC tournament.

Q:  Lastly, looking back on your career at Mizzou, what is your best memory?

Cory: There are too many to choose one. I have many great memories with the players and coaches of this team. All my best memories of college though will be with the guys that I have played with over the last four years, on and off the field.