5 minutes with Defensive Coordinator Nick McGavic

The following is an interview conducted with Defensive Coordinator Nick McGavic.

Q: The fall and winter season showed a lot of positives for the Tigers, what area(s) were you particularly pleased with?

Coach McGavic: The fall season is really a time for the freshman players to get to know the returning team, and to find out where everybody fits in the puzzle. I think we definitely accomplished that this year, as well as made improvements in our transition and man-down game. I’m most excited about the progress our defense has made in the off-season.

Q: One game on the schedule sticks out in particular, what are your thoughts on playing the #1-ranked Michigan Wolverines?

Coach McGavic: I am very excited for the opportunity to showcase Mizzou Lacrosse against such a nationally known opponent. Our goal here at Mizzou is to show we can compete on a national level, and to do that you play teams like Michigan. It will be a battle to the last second, and I can’t wait.

Q: You have had the fall/winter session to get a feel for your team. What are your thoughts on the talent level and the possibilities for the Tigers this year?

Coach McGavic: The fall and winter sessions have really shown us as a coaching staff what everybody brings to the table. The talent level is very high, both among our freshman class and throughout the returning lineup. We’ve had key additions at every position that I believe really filled a need and will allow us to do some exciting things. The possibilities are endless when you get a talented, dedicated group of players together under a coach like Keith Euker.

Q: With the splitting of the GRLC into north and south subdivisions, how do you feel that affects the Tigers?

Coach McGavic: This is my first year with the program, so I can’t comment on how things worked in the past, but from what I understand this new setup will allow us to play some new teams and really expand our game.

Q: Lastly, What is your expectation or prediction for this upcoming season? Does the team have a set goal they would like to achieve?

Coach McGavic: My expectation for the team is that they come out every day with the fire for lacrosse that we try and instill in them. When we are dedicated and playing our brand of lacrosse together as a team, we are very hard to beat. For the defense, my goal is to have at least three defenseman earn All-Conference, or better, honors. For the defensive midfielders I’d like to have two of the three top spots in ground balls in our conference again.