Mizzou learns much in “good loss” to No. 1 Michigan

The bus ride home after a loss is usually pretty quiet. Not this time.

Team members watch from the sidelines as time winds down in the fourth quarter.

This time, soon after the 26-9 loss members of the team were gathering around the coach, going over the statistics. Fifty percent wins on face-offs. Majorly beat in the number of ground balls. Did goalie Sean Hogarty really only have six saves?

There were few who expected Missouri to beat No. 1 Michigan, but the loss wasn’t far from damaging for the team. They were able to put some fear into the Wolverines, chalking up nine goals against them. Few teams have done that, especially in Oosterbaan Fieldhouse.

It’s a long bus ride home Sunday. You can count on two things: a lot of sleeping and even more crunching of the numbers from Saturday’s game.

Missouri’s next game against arch rival Lindenwood on Thursday, April 14 at 7 p.m. at Lindenwood’s Hunter Stadium.

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