Broken-down bus adds insult to injury after 3-9 loss

The driver enjoys the game from a high vantage point, before the problems with the bus became apparent.

The last thing the Tigers needed or wanted after losing to Missouri State was an extended stay in Springfield. But that’s what they got as engine problems to the team bus delayed departure by three hours Friday night.

Cory Kaufman
Cory Kaufman after his score

Playing for pride just wasn’t enough as the Tigers were trying a avenge their lost to the Bears in their last meeting. After the loss the players just wanted to grab some dinner and get out of town. Instead they waited three hours for a replacement bus. Some of the players were able to hitch rides with family or friends, the rest of the team made it backĀ  home around 4 a.m. Saturday.

Scoring goals for the Tigers were Cory Kaufman, Ryan Turnquist and Billy Dowell.

Mizzou finishes the season with an 8-7 overall record.

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