2021 Fall Ball Recap

I’m very pleased with the way our Fall Ball season played out this year. After not being on the field together for the last year and a half, the team showed up hungry and got right to work. Being away for this long, as many teams were, obviously meant loosing some upperclassmen and seasoned leaders, but it also presented opportunities for our younger guys to step up and fill those roles. This Fall we had the opportunity to scrimmage with both Ottawa University (NAIA) and Missouri State University (MCLA). These games gave us a great chance to see our team from a different perspective. We were able to identify where we were lacking, changes that needed to be made , and most importantly got some experience under our belt  headed into the season. Despite introducing new coaches, new systems, and a new conference this year, our team has remained focused and consistently shows that we have the talent and resources to really make an impact going forward. The future is bright for this program and we are excited for a challenging 2022 season.

– Beau Rich (Head Coach Mizzou Lacrosse)